Every Donation Makes a Difference! 


Hannah's place of Safety is a non-profit organization (NPO: 190-811).  Donations enable us to help the children in as many ways as we can.  Monetary and non-monetary donations are welcome.

Financial Donations

Within South Africa or Bank Transfers: 

Hannah's Place of Safety NPO

Standard Bank

27 288 9261


Business Current Account


02 6609


or contact us at 

contact us at 082 2148330

Outside of South Africa:  PayPal via Daughters of Virtue Ministries

Electricity Meter number:06655926738 – please message the recharge number to Cell: 0822148330

Please always check our basic needs list before donating  

Baby powder
Baby shampoo
Glycerine soap

Massage oils for babies

Bum cream
Wet wipes
Ear buds
Linen savers (for our cots)

Cerelac porridge

Baby milks :

Nan 1

Infacare 1 and 2

Lactogen 1

Box juices & Yogurts

Clothes for babies :

Clean Pre-loved baby clothes up to age 6-12 months.

Baby clip bibs

Baby bottles and dummies

Baby Towels and face cloths


We have a staff capacity of 8 and we provide our staff with all their meals. We would appreciate your help in this area as well.

Tin food ie : Tuna

Peanut butter  / Jam

Long life milk



Minced meat


Toilet paper