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Volunteers are the critical to Hannah’s Place of Safety.  There is nothing more rewarding than spending time with our kids. It is important that the children that are entrusted to our care have consistent love, nurturing and interaction with different people.  


Should you want to volunteer with Hannah’s Place of Safety, you should:

Basic requirements to volunteer with children in care and protection

  • You need to be 18 and older

  • You must have name clearance / police clearance, which must be applied for at your local police station. You also need to apply for Child protection clearance – Form 30 as well as the consent form.  See attached and fill in together with a certified copy of your ID and post to Pretoria. The address is on the form. Please always keep a copy of it for your reference.

Please make contact ( once you have applied for the clearance as well as the form 30 clearance – then we can set up an interview to meet with you while the paper work is going through process. 


The best volunteers are

  • Unconditional in their love

  • Patient with the children

  • Affirm and Praise the kids continually

  • Show up when they say they will

  • Ensure the kids feel protected and safe

  • Likes to have FUN!


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